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Beat the Heat 2021 - Feat
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Ortho RI Express_317x207

Ortho RI Express

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Ortho RI Express

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Ice Rentals

The Bradford R. Boss Arena is available for many types of rentals. In addition to ice rental, we offer rental of our hospitality/party room. There is plenty of free parking and convenient access.

Make your team building and off-site meetings extraordinary with something different. From youths to adults, beginner to experienced, pick up ice hockey to team practices and games; whether you want to host a birthday party, office party or other social event, the Boss Arena is the ideal location to accommodate your needs.


URI Parking Services will enforce the university's policies for the Boss Arena lots. To obtain a visitor's permit, please click below. For any questions or issues please contact URI Parking Services at (401) 874-9281

Birthday Parties

Whether you are a youth group, church group, a company or just family and friends, skating at Boss Ice Arena is a great place to enjoy fun at a great price.

  • Great group savings!

  • Dedicated service

  • Fundraising opportunities

In addition, planning a group activity at the Boss Ice Arena is a great way to:

  • Provide social activity for your business, church, school or organization

  • Boost morale and motivate staff

  • Have fun!

For more information, please call Kyle at (401) 874-5604 or email at